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Please note these rates are for downtown Toronto. Rates will be slightly higher for outcalls outside the downtown core.


Enjoy slowly getting to know your date at a bar or restaurant, with the anticipation of knowing what’s about to follow, letting the tension and excitement build and build before you retire to your room for any experience you will not easily forget.

3hr entertainment date which one hour to be spent in public and 2 hours in private fun.

Elite: $720

VIP: $840

Platinum $1440



Enjoy getting to know each other on a private and intimate level at first for dinner and a couple of drinks at one of the many wonderful restaurants Toronto has to offer. Continue the fun by indulging in two hours of private time in your hotel room or personal residence.

4hr  entertainment date of which two hours are to be dining in public and 2 hours of private fun afterward.

Elite: $920

VIP: $1080

Platinum: $1880



What a wonderful and perfect choice for the couples who wish to experience a threesome with a beautiful, bisexual lady, but also want enough time for some casual time to talk an connect on an intimate level. Share a few drinks to get to know one another, followed by an intimate fun time in your private room.

The couples package is a 2hr entertainment date

Elite: $800

VIP: $960

Platinum: $1460



Enjoy a cocktail or two at a bar or lounge to get to know each other at the start of the night. Imagine yourself dancing with one of our beautiful ladies at one of Toronto’s hottest night clubs, bars or lounges. Let the music and atmosphere help set the mood and let yourself start to lose all your inhibitions. Feel like a Royal King, with your beautiful princess for the night.  The Drink & Dancing package is your opportunity to do exactly that. Enjoy your time out followed by intimate moments in private for an experience you will not easily forget.

The Drinks and Dancing package is a 6hr escort date of which 3hrs spent in public.

Elite: $1440

VIP: $1680

Platinum: $2880



Give in to temptation and be seduced by two of our most sensual and beautiful escorts simultaneously! The most popular fantasy a gentleman can have. The Menage a trois with our ladies will satisfy all your senses, for there will be two pairs of eyes, hands, lips and more…

2hr date with two escorts

Elite: $1140

VIP: $1300

Platinum: $2100



Enjoyed a romantic evening getting to know your date, have dinner, enjoy a movie, live show or any other special event. Afterward, make your way back to your place for some more fun and then wake up to one of our beautiful ladies in your arms after an intimate night. The Bed and Breakfast package is the ideal package for you to take and enjoy your time together and have breakfast after spending the night with each other.

The Bed & Breakfast package is a 12hr escort date.

Elite: $2800

VIP: $3360

Platinum: $5760