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*** I will not see clients under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs. I will refuse to see you if you are or I suspect that you are. ***

Hobbies/Interests:    Cooking, gardening, live music, painting abstract.

Favorite Cuisine:     Herbal Tea.

Favorite Drink(s):   Oysters, steak tartare, lobster bisque.

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Overall Rating: 5

    By: David | 9 months ago

    (TERB Review)

    Lovelynn @ GOE

    I saw Lovelynn the other day and thought I’d share a quick review.

    Booking was easy with GOE, though I had to give them a call since it was my first time booking with them. Otherwise I think you can do it all through text. The incall location I went to is nice and conveniently located from downtown.

    Lovelynn herself I found incredibly hot. The pictures on the site are accurate, fit taller blonde with nicely done man-mades, MCOT. I found her very naturally pretty, with none of the weird plastic botoxy-ness that seems to be common with girls that share her type of body. She had piercings in her nipples and labia, if that is a factor for some.

    The deed itself was great. I found Lovelynn to be really friendly and welcoming, and with just the right amount of wildness and enthusiasm for me once we got into the session. I would describe it as GFE with shades of PSE in terms of energy level. Afterwards we had an actual deeper conversation without any awkwardness, and I found her to be really down to earth with a good head on her shoulders. We started a second round but I wasn’t able to finish, which was no fault of hers. I would recommend her and plan on repeating.

    By: Ryan | 9 months ago

    By: Ryan. C |

    Hello I’d just like to thank you for employing such a high class Lady Lovelynn.
 She is a complete beauty. She’s intelligent and easy to talk to about many subjects. Very passionate and open with the ability to give one of the all time best XXXX I’ve ever had the pleasure to receive, being totally submissive in my bed giving me a truly amazing experience.

    She made me feel like I was on a real date. The highlight of the night must of been when she gave me a big surprise and squirted on my bed. I loved it.She is a great hot sexy woman and an amazing lady. Looking forward to having her over again.

  • Anonymous:

    LoveLynn is beautiful, intelligent, insightful and talented. This beautiful spirit knows how to give and receive with grace. In addition to a true GFE, very open to explore, LoveLynn gives the best massage I have ever experienced and this includes certified massage therapist. I highly recommend her, she is a rare and wonderful woman.

    By: Brian | 9 months ago


    Well, I have to say Lovelynn was well worth the 2hrs. She is gorgeous and fit, she is fun to talk to, really funny actually. A True GFE and PSE. It was a great unrushed experience. Tall and impressive body. I would book her again in a heartbeat.

  • Terb Review: 06-08-2019

    Lovelynn @ GOE

    I just want to start by saying that this is my first review so please bear with me a bit if it may be lacking in some way.

    I have been on the forum for some time now reading and considering taking the plunge, and so after much research and reading reviews i decided to finally set something up with lovelynn at GOE for today.

    The booking process was very simple, finding the exact location was a breeze. From the very moment she opened the door she made me feel at ease and really eliminated the tension. Since it was my first SP experience I was quite nervous. She was gorgeous, the pictures really dont do her justice, great body and her service exceeded expectations.

    All around a great time, she is a lovely person and I cannot recommend her enough. Will definitely be rebooking in the future.

    Lovely Lynn Review - Two thumbs up!

    By: Mike | 7 months ago

    (TERB REVIEW _ JULY 19th 2019)

    Last night I had the opportunity to meet Lovely_lovelynn for a 3-hour appointment. Booking was easy – prompt text responses. Her place is a short walk from the downtown core. Along the way, picked up some flowers and vino and hoping that this new adventure would work out.

    I haven’t seen a new SP for some time and so was a bit nervous whether connectivity and vibes would be there, or whether this was going to be a more mechanical session. I was comforted by Lynn’s reviews – seemed like a relatively newer gal to TERB, and those that had seen her before remarked about how down to earth she was. That said, she appeared much younger in her photos that I am and also had some significant body art and piercings. Normally, these would not be features I would seek out. I have been most comfortable with more mature providers sans body art but that option didn’t exist last night. So, thought what the heck, cast caution to one side; it was time to get out of a comfort zone. So glad I took the plunge!

    When I arrived at her very new condo. Lynn greeted me like a long lost friend! Wearing very sexy lingerie, she began by giving me a wonderful hug, thanked me profusely for flowers and then began to start a conversation that just seemed so natural and chill and with inviting opportunities for touch and to get to know each other more intimately. It was a hot evening and so I lost my clothes quickly and then we headed to Lynn’s small but fantastic balcony for some relaxing chill time and to just get to know one another better. It was a surreal experience. Any anxiety over age differences was lost altogether. The focus was on the mind and exploring each other’s thoughts. As this took place, the sun began to set an absolutely beautiful female physique; on an absolutely beautiful soul; smiles genuine, and sensuality yearning for arousal. How grateful to be in that moment!

    After our quality balcony time, we decided to engage in indoor play. I confess it’s a bit of a blur to me regarding how things proceeded, but the emotions I can recount most are fun, excitement, laughter. As the toys came out, the coconut oil was heated and all clothes were removed. Open-minded mutual pleasures were exchanged, repeatedly. We found connections on many fronts. The play was improvisational, focusing on lyrics of “anything to turn you on”; we were in the zone; so “there”; so natural. The session intertwined between pleasuring Lynn, to her then reverting and pleasuring me in so many incredible ways.

    Midway, the seventh-inning stretch was enjoyed. Back to the balcony for evening air. Then onto the shower for a cool down and more mix play. Following this, we returned to the bedroom for more rompus play and hedonistic desires. The lyric “this is fucking awesome” rang out in my mind!

    All in, Lovely Lynn is, well Lovely. She is down to earth; genuine; real. Yes, her GFE (and hints of PSE) services were remarkable. The *#$ was great but really, it was what took place to make the #@$ great that was most remarkable. From deep philosophical conversations; chilling about Buddha; and playing to the sounds of Roxy Music, this was a Zen-filled evening that will go down in the memory books.

    Lynn is one rocking babe who taught this older dawg newer tricks. I believe this is the start of more things to come and to learn.

    Lovelynn is on a very short list of my most remarkable Toronto providers.

    Yes gents, I can certainly recommend Lynn. I most certainly will repeat.

    (Lovely) Lovelynn

    By: Sam | 7 months ago

    (TERB REVIEW – JULY 13th 2019)

    I had a one hour date with this lovely lady and it was the best experience I’ve had thus far.

    I arrived a bit early. Lovelynn came downstairs to meet me and we went for coffee off-the-clock in a sexy dress that accentuated her cleavage. We talked and got to know each other a bit. I found her more and more attractive as she told me about herself.

    I took a shower back at her condo. She greeted me with just the perfect bra and panties as I stepped out of the bathroom. We started frolicking for a little before I gave her a massage. I was straddling her lower back and I was enjoying just how sexual she is. Her body was oozing out sexuality. At this point, my $#@! was harder than steel and from time to time I had to stop the massage just to slide my #$%^ against her back. It felt really good, and Lovelynn writhes underneath me to assist. I almost ^&%^ a couple of times there but I stopped myself. Discipline.

    We switched position and I was given a nice and deep ^^^& with me on my back. Lovelynn is a master magician.

    She put the !@#$%^ on and I wasted no time. Feeling proud as I dominated this sex kitten. Or did I? She kept encouraging me to #$@! her harder and I obeyed. The only thing I wanted was to !@#. She drained me pretty good.

    We spent the rest of the time talking and caressing each other. We tried a second round but she got me pretty good the first time.

    Definitely going to see her again. I’m already thinking about the next date!

    Lovely Lovelynn Heaven

    By: Alex | 7 months ago

    Thanks to Nicole for setting up an afternoon date with Lovelynn. An amazing awesome experience it was!

    Lovelynn was, well, lovely! Stunningly gorgeous – her pics here are absolutely accurate but fail to capture just how beautiful and electric and alive she is! You have to see to believe!

    We chatted a bit getting to know each other then proceeded to intimacy all in a way that felt like we were long time friends and hot lovers aching for each other! Her interests intellectually were thrilling and her desire to explore each other’s interests made the whole experience so much more satisfying!

    Lovelynn will amaze and stun you! In bed she is absolutely unbelievable, flexible, lithe, erotic, thrilling! She can be achingly sweet and vulnerable one moment, then naughty & nuclear hot the next – all with a dazzling ability to engage, please, arouse and connect! She hit all my buttons and encouraged me to explore sexual territory I’ve only dreamt of!

    Honestly – the best time I have ever had! An amazing experience I hope to repeat often!

    By: Danny | 7 months ago

    Saw her for a 2 hour outcall last week.

    I’m kind of not in the review game anymore (usually posted on the other forum and TER), but I made an exception for her.

    All the positive reviews are 100% accurate. Not only did I have the same experience, in fact they’re probably selling her short. I’d give her 10/10. Amazing girl, amazing at her job. Did not watch the clock, was great company through and through. Extraordinarily sweet, nice and affectionate. Pretty lady with a great fit body, pictures are accurate. You can find more detailed breakdowns and lists of service/acronyms in the other reviews. GFE/PSE was as good as I’ve ever had. Needless to say she’s going to get quite a rep on here.

    I can count on one hand the number of girls I’ve seen who not only do I want to book again, but I think about booking for longer periods of time to enjoy their company. She makes that short list.


    I should finally start posting around here. Met up with Lovelynn a few weeks back, and she’s a very enthusiastic personality. Both her GOE location as well as her other incall location are easy to access, and you definitely feel comfortable.

    Lovelynn is a stunner, and she carries a conversation very well. The session ranged from GFE to even hotter, and she definitely adapted her session and dirty talk to the personal chemistry.

    I’d strongly recommend Lovelynn. Her passion is instantly attractive and makes for a thoroughly enjoyable session.


    Have seen Lovelynn a couple of times now and both times were simply amazing. Very attractive women, can carry any conversation regardless of the topic and is a fire cracker in bed. Can be sensual if you want, but can also get very extreme for those that enjoy that type of session. Anything your heart desire she is pretty much up for it. She love to introduce toys into the sessions, at least the two that I have had and it brings a whole new meaning to “BAD GIRL”.
    I would definitely rank her up there with the best that I have at least seen.

    You definitely will not be disappointed.


    Lynn is absolutely Lovely so her mother named her well. Ditto on all the comments below she is an absolute treat from
    the minute you walk in to her condo to when you unfortunately have to leave.

    Her also Lovely pup fell in love with me followed me around so fearfully I may not be able to score an invite back


    Saw Lovelynn last night for 3 hours. it is like coming home to a gf/wife after a long ay at work. it was easy getting to her place. she greets me with DFK andwe chatted a bit. I then take a shower and join her on the bed. We kissed and cuddle. she gives good BBBJ and i gave her DATY which she enjoys. my erection gets stronger as i was giving her DATY

    During intercourse we engaged in erotic dirty talking. after a few minutes we cum at the same time. We then cuddle and chat and hug each other in a bed. we then go at it for a second time and I cum again with her giving me a BJ. She then give me a relaxing massage. When out time is up, She gave me a long DFK and a hug as i was leaving.