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Would you like to spend some time with a beautiful, youthful, intriguing, flirty, and exquisite woman? Your search is over.

An outgoing, humorous, and charming companion with a delightful smile that is very welcoming.

I enjoy reading, dancing, horseback riding, and traveling. I’m easy going, open minded, and a huge socializer. Visiting art galleries, and shopping around boutique stores are a couple of my favorite things to do.

Not only will my alluring physical appearance entice you but you will also find my warm heart, cultivated manners and my attention to all your needs equally appealing.

I consider myself to be adventurous, entertaining, naughty but also nice, overall the woman of your dreams.

Hobbies/Interests:    Reading, dancing, horseback riding, art galleries, boutique stores.

Favorite Cuisine:     Japanese.

Favorite Drink(s):    Gin and tonic.

2 reviews for “Alessandra

Overall Rating: 5
  • Alessandra came recommended by owner Nicole of GOE, whose judgement I have long trusted: I met her late the other night on my customary short notice.

    A kind and friendly young Canadian girl, I believe with Latin roots. Easy to converse with, took an interest in elderly Einar, and quite accepting of his dweebiness. Very attractive in a zaftig way. Stylish casual dress and look. Her wavy long hair is two-tone blond and brown – I think it’s heading back to its natural brown.

    We had a fine time of mutual pleasure. I didn’t get a clear sense of Alessandra’s sexual limits, she seems a comfortable, go-with-the-flow girl. Details are not my style, but let’s say she would easily be an Einar repeat. Someone you might meet in a club and still bring home to meet mom the next day! She is working quite a bit these days, saving money for travel. Good for her.

  • Well it was Tuesday and I was feeling like some companionship .
    One of my long time favourites is once again travelling and likely won’t be back for a few months, so I decided to try someone new.
    I typically have a preference for long wavy dark hair, but decided for the sake of variety to see a blonde.
    After a extensive research and planning I contacted Garden of Eden and booked an hour with Alessandra.
    I’ve met some wonderful ladies at GOE
    ; I was very happy with my choice this time as well.
    Booking by email was easy, and I arrived at the place at a somewhat ironic address.
    (I don’t want to give away their address, but suffice to say the street name refers to self control over excessive behavior).
    I was given a number an access code to contact the lady.
    The number pad on the room calling board was hard to use and wouldn’t take the last digit for several tries (the names used in the past worked better).
    But we connected and I went up the elevator.
    Alessandra opened the door and gave me a hug and noted that I was ccccold.
    She was hot. She was dressed in something very similar to the picture I’ve inserted below (from the GOE
    web site).

    The condo is nice and private, the room has its own shower, and in my experience there rarely seems to be other people at the same time (but that could be that the times I pick, later afternoon, are not popular).
    Her face and, well all of her, is very pretty. She has blonde hair mixed with light brown.
    Her hair is lovely.
    It was a very good GFE
    . I enjoyed talking to her and cuddling, and etc..
    She has lovely soft skin and was just a treat to hold.
    Her kisses were very sweet, but short. I’d prefer long more intensive kissing, but in ever other respect I was very pleased with my choice.
    Gorgeous body; very young (21 years old); her pictures are very accurate; she is very energetic; very enthusiastic; clean and sweet; listens to my requests; knows what she is doing; great personality; seemed to enjoy my company; some good witty repartee; no rush; all around a wonderful hour spent with a gorgeous sweet young lady.

    Short forms: DATY
    ; MPOS; MSOG

    I will probably see her again.
    I will very likely repeat with GOE