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A kind and gentle companion who can put you at ease leaving you feeling relaxed and comfortable when with me.

With a delightful smile that is very warm and welcoming, I always strive to be the best I can be and have many interests and passions.

My seducing combination of alluring beauty, stimulating intelligence, and a sweet charming personality makes me absolutely irresistible.

Be careful, because I can easily become very addictive.

2 reviews for “Abbie

Overall Rating: 5

    By: Wyatt | 1 year ago

    You know when you’re having beer with the boys and you are swapping war stories and someone says: ” Well there was this time in University when I met this women, we went back to my place and she did this thing to my feet while she…..I didn’t know that was possible.” Well I now have that story…..a little later in life, however….but that’s a white lie I am okay with.
    I saw Abbie was just posted on the GOE’s webpage so I called. There was no picture up so I was excited to meet her as a surprise at the door. I like to do that.
    Abbie is beautiful and sparkly.
    Her hair is perfect….pretty face….sapphire eyes
    Her face is that of a women but her body would make most 18 year old girls envious. She obviously works out and is amazingly flexible.
    Abbie has a fun personality she obviously wants to have fun and to make people happy.
    Service was that of a girlfriend who is inventive and out to have a good time.
    She is sooo small.
    The conversation was fun but a little young for a person my age.
    Still, a really good time
    Oh ya, get her to give you a scalp massage……she has great hands.

    Abbie would put most girlfriends to shame


    By: Samuel | 1 year ago

    Saw Abbie few days back. She was nice and friendly. Overall happy with her performance.