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An elegant and well-spoken lady, extroverted, very friendly with a warm and welcoming personality.

Dynamic, open-minded, and sensual. I have some tantric experience that I could share with you to help heal your mind, body and spirit. Just ask 🙂

I can be adventurous and open to new ideas, don’t mind a little kink in my life and do enjoy some BDSM.
All with the right person.

With mutual respect and honesty I believe we can have a sincere and unforgettable time together.


Hobbies/Interests:     Reading, Healthy living and lifestyle, traveling, Art, Music, and Spirituality.

Favorite Cuisine:     French, Japanese, Korean, Indian, and Vietnamese.

Favorite Drink(s):      Red Wine, Espresso, and Jasmine tea.

3 reviews for “Reena

Overall Rating: 5
  • Met with Reena from Garden of Eden Ladies last night at my airport hotel. Another winner in my books from GOE, Reena is just like her pictures show, beautiful face and a killer body. She greeted me with a hug and we sat on the bed to talk a bit and get to know each other. she’s gorgeous. I went for some ice and when returned to find her stripped down to her bra & panties, WOW, what a body!! I joined her on the bed, some DFK I made my way down to her beautiful natural D’s, she sighed as I licked her nipples. Soon it was my turn for a very nice XXXX, sorry to say I didn’t last very long, I usually do, just not today, we cleaned me up and then it was my turn to taste her sweet XXXX, I must have been doing it right because she was really enjoying my work down there, I could do this all day on a lady like her. After, we cuddled up and started talking, she was very pleasant and the conversation was so very easy, too easy, when we checked the clock there was only about 15 minutes left, but that was fine with me, I declined another round, I usually like to take my time, and I was a little tired, I’m sure XXXX would be on the menu, but that’s on me for talking too much when I should have been FXXXX. I’d see her again.

    By: Paul | 6 months ago

    Thanks for introducing me to Reena, who I saw a few nights ago. She is a great lady! She is facially attractive with a wonderful continuous smile. In terms of physical attributes, she is pretty, with an attractive feminine body ( with a great booty, and a nice natural upper half). She has an open minded approach and clearly enjoys both giving and receiving pleasure. In addition to having an amiable and hospitable personality, conversation with her is easy and intelligent. I look forward to seeing Reena again.

    Sensual Sprite

    By: Nicole | 6 months ago

    Nicole of GOE has mentioned Reena to me in the past as a potential good match, but she does not work a lot, and the stars did not align until last night. Reena is a gem. Spirited and sensual beyond her years (23). Also very attractive, tall with lovely lightly bronzed skin, ample breasts, long jet-black hair, a slightly exotic look, and a kind smile. She is not stuck up, nor a club girl, just a fun-loving, quietly sexy Toronto lass who probably harbours dreams of moving to stylish Montreal or Paris. She is easy to chat with, and someone who responds well to older gentlemen. Think of an amalgam of Audrey Hepburn, Lena Horne, and Florence Nightingale.

    Think slow and frisky combined. Think Caribbean or Latina or East Indian or who knows what. Think tactile. Think girlfriend. Think kid sister to GOE’s Emma. Think kind. Think certain repeat. Think “Thank you, Nicole.”

    P.S. Reena mentioned a surcharge for certain upgrade services, something that Frugal Einar had no trouble in declining.