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Sophisticated and adventurous, well-educated and cultured.
I am open-minded, crave excitement and love making a man smile especially after a long day of work. So let me come and help you relax.

I’m easy to chat with and a great listener. Fun loving, sweet, sincere, and have a passion for travel and art. I have a wonderful personality and love to laugh.

A lustful and passionate companion that is attentive, lively, youthful, and beautiful.


Hobbies/Interests:    Dining out, Travel, Art, Sports, Music, and Cinema.

Favorite Cuisine:     Italian, Mexican, Korean.

Favorite Drink(s):    Wine.

4 reviews for “Nadia

Overall Rating: 5
  • Haven’t hobbied in quite a while but decided to hop back in the saddle and contacted GOE. Same great service but new location for me.

    My request was short notice but they were very accommodating and I booked an H with Nadia.

    Arrived and love the location, downtown and nice and discreet. Got the code and headed up. Greeted by Nadia at the door and any nerves and cobwebs quickly dissipated.

    After my shower Nadia asked me if I’d like a massage. What a treat and her gentle touch put me further at ease.

    What followed was a wonderful girlfriend experience and I gave special attention to DATY to reciprocate for the massage. She is very responsive and delicious.

    She made the hour feel like it was much longer and she provided a wonderful escape.

    Thank you Nadia and GOE

    Plan to repeat with GOE

    By: sean | 8 months ago

    Nadia could open a charm school for escorts. I had a visit from her today, and was reminded anew how kind and womanly she is. An hour with her is a different type of experience from the Toronto norm. Natural. Gentle. Ladylike. European.

    Owner Nicole was on the phones, and she also pointed me toward a few GOE escorts, and away from a few other GFE escorts, for my future bookings. That’s what I prize in an agency telephone booker: someone who can anticipate the chemistry between client and escort, and help me to spend my dollars wisely.

    By: Tim | 8 months ago

    Nicely greeted by Nadia, great body my type slim, nice hug. Using smaller bedroom as larger on in use. Discuss my skipping the usual and give massage instead. She loves the idea as most do. Do my thing she notices my nice touch. Do my usual intimacy stuff and she is very willing to try my special position 1, goes well with favorable physical body response. Then, what I call position 2 which I hadn’t really done yet at least for this long with others this trip. It also may work better with a woman like Nadia with a more slim waist area to have the certain muscle interaction.

    She is very responsive in her sensuous touch back to me. Not talking as much as the other incall gals, but that is not bad just in other combined good conversation with the intimacy moves. I think the ongoing conversation with others was more their doing than mine and silence can be golden and just talk by good touch. I had this odd feeling unusual that while her physical response was great wasn’t sure if more mechanical vs. real intimacy for the moment connection that seemed more clear with most other massage, strippers, and companions I had been with – wow was I wrong in this assumption soon to be discovered.

    In the only other review I could find, the guy raised the same question if they had any “connection” or not vs. just mechanical. I can not really describe the feeling as of course it has nothing really to do with the great physical sex.

    She is starting to interact very nicely in what I call position two – its like I am silently teaching her something new, and she is experimenting back. Wow, was I right.

    I am getting concerned about time and ask something like how are you doing? That opened a great floodgate of communications. She asks something like what were those things we did, was that tantra or something, it was great. She had not experienced either before said were unique and she mentions the 2nd was such a wonderful intimate “connection.”

    While we are still “connected” we have a great kind of sex ed discussion she is fascinated with. Talk about female dumbells, kind of spiritual like connection she liked with me… she was totally absorbing it all in a very positive way. Even talked about my Sybian machine, swinging while interacting physically intimately more like others. She seemed very sincere in her liking the experience, how my girlfriend is really lucky (I don’t have one!), etc.

    Then I was getting really worried about the time and asked while I could go on for hours this way, wondered if she gets a call or just knows when the time is up. No, she turned off her cell but better look at the clock. Oh my, had no idea we were enjoying this so long! We uncouple, wind down, get dressed, she comments how it was a great unique experience and hopes to see me again as for all but seemed very sincere. Of course, any sex was as friends not for any fee – which was only for time with Nadia.

    Very nice session with Nadia. I enjoyed, nice upscale condo.


    By: John | 6 months ago

    I saw Nadia some time ago.
    I had one of the most beautiful experiences with her.Her smile and beautiful european vioce puts me immediately at ease.I can tell by Nadia”s beautiful body how much care is given to it.
    Nadia is extremely intelligent. Her conversation was stimulating and polished I am sure she is well educated. And very erotic.
    Intelligence is sexy. Nadia is very sexy and more.
    She took me to a wonderful place that is sweet ecstasy.
    I will not forget her
    Thank you Nadia.