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I  love meeting new people and enjoying the thrill of new experiences and I value an honest and genuine connection. Whatever may happen between us, making our time together feel magical is my priority.

A fun, upbeat, and classy girl who’s beauty shines inside and out. Well spoken, charming and bright.  I am a one-of-a-kind playful and open-minded companion, truly a delicious girlfriend experience!

Looking forward to meeting with attentive, respectful and intelligent gentlemen.


Hobbies/Interests:   Sports, food, art, music, reading, and traveling.

Favorite Cuisine:     Mediterranean.

Favorite Drink(s):    Red and White wine.

7 reviews for “Magi

Overall Rating: 5
    Magi (Terb Review)

    By: Nicole | 5 months ago

    Had the pleasure of spending a couple of hours with Magi last week, what an absolute joy and pleasure to be with! Booking was super easy.

    The cleaning crew was next door at the time Magi was planning to arrive which caused a little delay in the rendezvous as she thought my room was empty. A couple of text messages and calls and things were back on track with the TAP/TAP at the door and from there it was like being with an old friend.

    I could just hang with Magi and be perfectly happy without any interaction and be happy. She is fit, beautiful, smart and a delight to be with, love that accent.

    We enjoyed some wine that I had brought, thank goodness for the hotel running up a cork screw, yours truly whiffed (kinda like the Jays) on that small detail.

    Thanks Magi for the wonderful time together and hope to visit again soon!


    Magi (Terb Review)

    By: Nicole | 5 months ago

    Brief review of Magi. Petite sleek body and very attractive. Such a sweetie and so much fun. Love her sexy Russian accent. Kissing her was like being with a girlfriend. I was spent after 1 and almost 2 SOG; we had a nice time relaxing, chatting, cuddling and kissing which got me ready to go again (that’s doesn’t happen easily for me). She was very eager to please me again with a slow and sensual…

    I would love to repeat next time I’m back in town.

    Magi (Terb Review)

    By: Nicole | 5 months ago

    Magi showed up in a figure hugging sky blue see through lace dress. The Prez assumed there was a flesh toned slip underneath. When I helped with the back zipper I realized there was no slip. What you were seeing was what you were getting. No slip, no bra, no panties, nada. Just smoothly shaved and softened bare tanned skin. What an elegant yet totally sexy presentation.

    Magi is a well-traveled lady who was a junior member at the time of the original Russian-EE escort era. She can show you what the excitement was all about. She has paced herself well and has not worked a lot lately, with numerous breaks in between for travel and education. She is not a 20 year old. But she could teach a yoga or fitness class. Her body is in A shape. She is an erudite lady in more than one language with world class courtesan skills. I mean really good. You will be glad you have a unit. You will pry your brains off the ceiling and find world peace for a few minutes after the experience. She knows she is that good and is happy to provide multiple shots until you must finally go home and sleep in your own bed.

    I have repeated a few times. And will continue periodically as long as she is available. Very pleasing on different levels.

    Magi (Terb Review)

    By: Nicole | 5 months ago

    I haven’t written a review in almost a year now and I haven’t seen that many escorts either – There are a lot of reviews of Magi already and I am just confirming that she is still extraordinary. I think she’s just reaching her sexual prime. I’ve only had a 3 SOG encounter once before, on an overnight. Magi managed to make that happen in 2 hours.

    – Amazing time that I won’t be forgetting
    – Great to have conversations with and easy to connecect.
    L: 9
    A: 10
    S: 15+

  • So after researching and reading a lot of reviews here i decided to make my first outcall. Luckily i had some nap in the evening so was fresh for midnight and made the decision on Magi and luckily she was available.

    I was really stunned when i saw her and she was really beautiful with a athletic body, since cupid doesn’t have a lot of pictures posted on her i was really happy when she showed up.
    We chatted for a bit and went into the bedroom where it was a bit cold, she took her dress off and gave me a XXXB while i was standing. After that we moved on to the bed where we had some DFK for a bit and she took the blanket on herself and decided to give me a XXXX, i would say this was the best XXXX i ever received and she really enjoyed it. The noise she was making really turned me on.

    After that she went on top while we were LFK and again i could tell she was really enjoying it and after that I went on top of her and at the end i finished when she was taking it from the back.

    I went for another round and normally i have girls drop their energy when its 2nd time but Magi seemed recharged and had the same energy as the first round. I finished in her XXXX.
    Also in between there was XXXX involved.

    Face: 10
    Body: 10
    Service: 10

    Repeat: DEFINITELY !!!

  • Magi is a very passionate woman, who really wants you to have the full illusion of GFE. Everything she does, from the way she speaks, the way she kisses, and her performance, is to give you best GFE time ever. I won’t give you the play-by-play, but the action ended with a very sensual XXXX.

    I told her about our first meeting, and she was very disappointed that she didn’t remember me. I told her that I didn’t expect her to, but she still insisted that she should’ve. This just makes me like her even more.

    Then I mentioned that it’s my birthday soon (the reason why I was GTA), and she demanded that I take a small gift from her. I politely rejected, but she would not have it, so I decided to exchange it give a small gift of mine to her. She accepted with a wonder smile and DFK.


    By: David West | 5 months ago

    Several years ago, before I moved back to Toronto I met Magi through an outcall. Legendary was a good word to describe her then, and that hasn’t changed, much.
    At that first encounter she was a little intimidating: “I’m one of the best in Toronto and you’re lucky to get a booking.” No arguments, it was memorable, I can still picture her in the room at the Madison.

    She has moved to GOE and into the world of incalls, which I much prefer.
    How has she changed? Maturity has brought a more relaxed approach, she smiles and laughs easily. And almost coy. She’s lost a little weight since we first met, and borders on being a spinner. A striking woman you would overcome your natural introversion to talk to.

    For those of you who need details of the encounter: Her pics are accurate. Magi is a complete GFE, takes and gives direction like a familiar lover, and is vocal. Really vocal. Demanding more of you vocal.