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Warm and friendly, I strive to ensure your comfort. I am told I am a rather intuitive, nurturing companion. Many would also describe me as subdued and relaxed, preferring private escapes or mellow atmospheres. But you can be sure I can match your pace, wherever we are both comfortable.

You may find that I have what might be considered an ambiguous or exotic look, with sultry dark brown eyes and a complexion that warms up during the summer months. Dutch, French, and Ukrainian are parts of my background.

Born in Toronto, I grew up in the city experiencing and enjoying a lot that it has to offer. I am interested in and open to many different subjects, often finding pleasure in cerebral connections and exploring things that are under the radar.

I do have a submissive side that can be explored as well. I am best enjoyed by a gentleman who seeks out a slightly curvier figure, a great smile, and a curious mind.

Hobbies/Interests:     Independent films, music, art, astrology, photography, marketing, and health sciences.

Favorite Cuisine:     Japanese, Thai, Indian, Italian

Favorite Drink(s):    Camomile or Chai tea, Dry white wines


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    By: Peter | 4 months ago

    Lana’s photos have been up on the Garden of Eden website for all of a day or two, and they are splendid. Sensual, playful, elegant. Intelligently shot. She looks like could be a budding actress. Or maybe a budding librarian. Or just the sweet Anglo girl next door who has a fine ladylike sense of style. Turns out she took the photos herself!

    Lana also wrote her own ad copy, as GOE escorts often do, portraying herself as low-keyed, intuitive, and interested in the world.

    Well, who should arrive but a young escort just as delightful as her billing. Lana is kindhearted, easy to chat with, and quietly sensual. Very attractive lass with a high-voltage smile, curvy frame, and general sense of comfort about herself. An old soul, I’d say. She wore a stylish short black dress and high heels.

    Our time together had a leisurely, girlfriend flavor including good conversation, and I look forward to seeing her again, as Wilbur my accountant allows. Somehow I think Lana might also be a great duo partner (one man, two ladies)

    Lana has done a bit of escorting in the past, and seems perfect for this twilight game – she is authentic, intelligent, and sexy. And sweet. Do be nice to her in return.

  • Lana is exactly how she describes herself, albeit too modestly! She’s certainly beautiful.

    During our time together she was genuinely passionate. I felt she was thinking about my pleasure at each moment of the booking and was responsive to all of my requests. Her touch was sensitive, her words were considerate, and her mind was open to my suggestions and conversation. She’s a very caring and down to earth soul.

    She’s equally sexy, and her sexual and her skills were amazing!
    Lana also seemed to enjoy herself thoroughly, which was very encouraging.

    By: August peri | 1 month ago

    Simply an amazing soul.