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A seductive and unique redhead full of fire sure to delight!
Humorous, playful, energetic and flirtatious.

I truly adore meeting with people who I can have a memorable and enjoyable time with! I do not rush time and I strive to make you feel like a king.

You will find me caring, respectful and genuine. An adventurous, fun loving companion who loves to laugh and always lives in the moment. There are many things that interest me and I love talking about a wide variety of things.

I am experienced in many ways, but that does not mean I’m closed to learning new things. I look forward to meeting with kind, respectful gentlemen who know how to treat a lady.

Hobbies/Interests:    Yoga, reading, cycling, working out, health, diniing out.

Favorite Cuisine:     Italian.

Favorite Drink(s):    Water.

7 reviews for “Amber

Overall Rating: 5

    By: Nicole | 10 months ago

    Everything you’ve read about this woman is bang on. Phenomenal experience. Deep throating and greek pounding like a pro, dirty talk galore and she sure seemed to enjoy every second of the experience as much as I did. I could go into details but its pretty much as everyone else has reviewed her….. She loves what she does and makes sure you leave with a huge smile on your face.

    Giving it to her greek style with her ankles at her ears while she’s wearing that greek goddess dress…. man that is something else..

    Rather humorous text exchange afterwards based on some initial perceptions she had of me…. I think I need to work on my first impression, dunno what I did! But glad I set her at ease. Real stupid move by me stating at the end that I hate condoms because I have the hardest time finishing with one on…. I realized as soon as I said it how stupid that was, sounded like I was fishing for bareback but no way would I ever suggest that to anyone.

    This woman is definitely worth your time and attention.

    By: Nicole | 10 months ago

    I set up a meeting with her via text, and finalized on the date soon enough.
    I was told where to go and I was extremely nervous and excited.
    I was given the room number and I knocked twice. After a moment, the door open and there she was. Standing in a silk dress with her left boob hanging out.
    I was rock hard the moment I saw her. Her pictures do not do her justice.
    I closed the door behind me. She gave me a sweet gentle LFK. I told her it was my first time and she teased me through my pants. Amber gave me a DFK and told me to freshen up.
    I did so, and she moved me to a seat near the bed. She went straight for it, with a little BBBJ, then DT, BLS, and then more DT and BLS. She stood me up in front of the mirror and told me to watch her.
    More BBBJ,DT,HJ,BLS. It was her turn. We moved to the bed, and I did DATY for the very first time. She tasted incredible. She was very surprised she came really fast considering I’ve never done it before. I kept going. ( I think this might be my favourite part. When I saw her roll her head back and gave a long moan. So sexy)
    I played with her twins a lot throughout the entire time. I don’t think there was a moment where I wasn’t making contact with her twins.)
    We headed to Russia, and that too was incredible. She told me I had a decent size because she could still put the tip while I was stuck in between.
    She told me I was taking her to Greece next. I was speechless. She domed me up, and in it went. It was incredible. We tried MPOS. It started with her ankles by her head. This woman was flexible!
    We switched to standing doggy. More loud moaning came out from her. (I asked her if her neighbors ever complained. She just laughed.)
    I wouldn’t come so she told me to wash up and not be so nervous.
    I did and she did a wardrobe change.
    Told me it was her cat’s turn.
    Another dome came on and she rode CG. Then she did this thing where transitioned from CG to RCG without getting off the ride. Unbelievable.
    We switched it up to doggy and then mish. I was getting close to finishing so she told be she was going to CIMSW. More BBBJ, more DT. (I joked if she was ever coming back up for air, then she curled her tongue around and around and then, bam.)
    Amber told me she felt like Cleopatra, taking virgin CIMSW. (I felt dizzy. It was too good to handle.)
    I stumbled back on the bed and she gave me a back massage. Her hands were heavenly but I told her I should give her one instead. We traded places and I used my hands and explored every inch. (Again she complimented me at how well I performed, things considered.)
    I told her I just read a lot, and prepped a lot. She was moaning the entire time I massaged her.
    I got cleaned up, and we just talked about different topics. She gave me a dfk for the road and I massaged her twins before heading out.
    I told her I’d definitely set up another meeting and was pleased that I was satisfied with her care.
    I told her I was grabbing a bite to eat afterwards because she drained me! Physically and Mentally.

    Bottom Line: The time with her was incredible. Would I repeat? In a heartbeat. But she also suggested that I explore, which I plan on doing as well.
    If you haven’t, go see her. If you have, go see her again.

    By: Nicole | 10 months ago

    Amber has been well reviewed in many places and I finally bit the bullet and went for a visit. Easy to set up, and Amber was using an agency suite that was amazing. She admitted me, looked me in the eye (hers are smoky and large) and greeted me enthusiastically with a DFK and a grab of my unit. They had warned me that the complex was out of hot water due to a service issue so I had showered at the gym before heading over. She was wearing a flimsy negligee and started stripping me as the door closed. We had been messengering each other a little and she was comfortable enough with me even if I was feeling a little shy that day. Anyways, we moved to the bedroom and…

    By: Nicole | 10 months ago

    What can you say about Amber that hasn’t been already said in past posts. I saw this lovely lady last weekend and she fully lives up to her reputation. Booking with her was really easy as I booked through GOE. When I arrived at her downtown location, I was met by the stunning Amber in her Greek Goddess outfit. Her face was flawless and she looked exactly like her photos on her website. I won’t go into detail on our session other than she has been well reviewed in the past and her services are still top notch and consistent with her reviews. This was the second time I have seen her and I didn’t think it was possible, but her session was even more memorable than the first time.

    Amber I hope you had as much fun as I did!! For those who don’t know who she is, I’ve posted her link below and for those who do know Amber, knows what I am talking about!

    By: Nicole | 10 months ago

    I find redheads extremely sexy, and a few on here referred me to Amber. All I can say is WOW!!! and Thank you!!! Amber was amazing, very good at taking charge, making me comfortable, and the hour together was much more than I could have expected. I will be sure to see Amber again soon, but want to see a few other girls first. My problem now is that Amber has set the bar pretty high.

    By: Nicole | 10 months ago

    Finally had the chance to see Amber yesterday. Don’t want to repeat things already said, so I’ll just say: all of the hype is true, she’s great. Not only is she really hot, she has a great personality. Funny and fun to talk to.

    She was so hot I came too early and didn’t even get to try greek (which is what initially drew me to seeing her), but I didn’t even end up caring due to how hot everything was. She’s a firecracker! I’m a big fan of over the top dirty talking, and she nailed it.

    Do yourself a favour and see this lady. The best “PSE experience” I’ve ever had.

    By: Nicole | 10 months ago

    Well gents, I finally got to meet this scrumptious dish.
    And it was long overdue, so after some flirting on the board
    through pm and a few phone calls we set a date.

    Got to her condo dt and to tell you the truth I was a little
    nervous at that point. Got the buzz code and and up I went.

    Knocked and then heard the clicking of her stilettos as she
    approached and opened the door. and there she was Looking Good. I was
    surprised to see how tall she was but before I could comment,
    our lips were locked in a very long and passionate dfk. She was
    wearing the outfit that I had requested with a White blouse that could
    hardly contain her beautiful mounds of flesh and a tight black
    short skirt with skin colored leggings. I was in heaven as we continued
    kissing. Hopped into the shower to tweak up and as I came out she was
    was on her knees over the sound system preparing the music we had selected for
    our encounter. But to see her in this position with her ass up in that skirt and her
    long legs made me want to jump her right there and then.
    She then escorted me in the bedroom and sat me in a chair where she started off
    with sensuous lap dance, Amber slowly started peeling her cloths off so sexy
    all the time dfk as I squeezed played with those beautiful breast of hers.
    I was also taken back by her facial beauty and features. This woman is absolutely stunning
    and I have a weak spot for beautiful faces. We then climbed on to the bed where the
    true games began. I not going to go into details hear. There is much written in detail about her.
    But I did receive and give everything I wanted. One thing I am going to say is that this woman
    has to rank in my top two for the best bbbj, cim. Holy Shit !!! She sure knows her way down there.

    Oh BTW if you haven’t met this lady yet, you better bring your A game with you, she’s a wildcat in the sheets.

    After words we cuddled and talked about everything in our lives in general
    and the board LOL and there was absolutely no clock watching on her part.
    Amber has all the qualities. She’s beautiful, sexy and very giving as well as
    being an extraordinarily sweet woman. I was very comfortable with her.
    Just as if she was a true GF,

    On a side note, she had heard it was around the time of my birthday so
    she had a gift for me, that I treasure. This says a lot for me, Very thoughtful and kind..

    A definite repeat for me

    Treat her well guys, she deserves it.

    Thank you again Amber for the exciting time and the gift.